Top 5 Shocking Michael Jackson Songs of All Time

Best 5 Michael Jackson songs of all time with a musical review

Michael Jackson is a greatest entertainer of all time and when we talk about his best songs then boy it’s not that easy as it sounds but still I am able to compile best Michael Jackson songs of all time

  1. Billie Jean
billie jean
billie jean

As always, nothing can beat this song and its music. This song of MJ mixed and mastered more than 95 times to make it sound perfect. All the bass, drums, guitars and violins were used uniquely to form a greatest song of all time.

Michael finished his vocal recordings on this song in just one take. Sound Engineer Rod Temperton surprised to hear Michael’s vocals. He told in an interview “Michael always bring his vocal coach in the recording studios to bring that perfection on his songs.

2. Dangerous -


What can I say more about this song, the way it was produced so futuristic that if we play it on the radio today, people still cannot say this song was produced 29 years ago. All its bass, kick drums, industrial sounds and heavy Michael vocals made it perfect future sound of upcoming generation.

3. Unbreakable -


This was released on his last solo album called “Invincible”. As an audience and fan of MJ, I was literally thrilled and shocked after listened to this song composition. The most shocking thing that, it has dubstep elements which no one could have ever imagined to put into music like this way. This music style which later raised by Skrillex in mainstream music backin 2010 to 2013.

4. The Way You Make Me Feel -

Words can’t explain the power of this song for a woman whom he trying to chase later on to spend his entire life with her. He literally show how much he loves a girl and the way he shows his respect towards a woman.

The composition of this song is pretty electrifying. The way it starts with the drums and the powerful baseline all in a perfect blend, which make it very unique according to how it sound to the ear. Simply hands down for the creativity which has been used on this song and for its music composition.

5. Thriller -

Of course, we can’t deny the fact that Rod Temperton gave his heart and soul to compose this song. Initially, this song was named as Star Light but later on it was changed to Thriller.

Michael Jackson was not happy with his entire studio album recordings, he literally cried that day. Because he was expecting more on his album and the album should needs to be sounds like supersonic but they were unable to achieve those results. So producer Quincy Jones and Michael re-recorded the entire album to sound current and up to date music. And then Thriller made history by selling most number of music album copies.

These are my personal top 5 songs of all time. I hope you liked the little story behind the each song.

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